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All complaints are taken very seriously and we treat everone equally.

We always say come to us sooner with the incident/problem no matter how small it is so we can resolve it as soon as possible before it becomes a bigger issue.

If any team member feels that they have suffered discrimination in any way he or she should follow the following:

When our policies and code of conduct have been broken,

1.They should immediatley report the incident with a matter of urgencie to the team coach.

If you are not satisified with the outcome then -

2.You should report the matter to the Clubs welfare officer.

When reporting a complaint you should include:

  • Details of what ,when and where the incident happend,

  • Who was there at the time,please provide any name's of witnesess with statements,

  • Was there anyone else involved in the incedent that was treated in a similar way

  • Any other complaint that may have happend before leading up to the event of the incident that we need to be made aware of,

  • Please inform us for a solution to the incident

Once we have all the information a  Club Commitee Meeting will be called and a hearing may be requested.

The Clubs Committee Managers/Members will have the power to;

  1. Warn as to the future conduct.

  2. Suspend the person/player from membership to the club.

  3. Remove any person/player that has broken the clubs policy's that are shown on this website.

This includes the club's,

  • Safe Guarding Policy (all)

  • Anti Bullying Policy

  • Code of Conduct

  • GDPR/Cookie Policy

All our contacts can be found on our contact section on the home page of this website.

Complaints Procedure: News & Updates


If you are a coach and fancy a change please get in touch....we are always looking to expand.

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